You’ve been talking about work, illness, the kids, the parents, the house, the bills and the chores for long enough. Sometimes couples can use a little conversation boost to engage in a friendly and fun way. Here are 20 different conversation starters to connect with your spouse in a light-hearted way once again.

What kind of physical touch tells you most that “I love you”?

Describe your ideal night out with me.

What is one thing I can do to make you happy today?

What do you think is the best part of our relationship?

What household task would you wish to never have to do again?

Out of all the dates or trips we have gone on, which has been your favorite?

Do you prefer frequent small gestures or fewer grand gestures?

What is your favorite way to show affection to me?

What is your favorite way to receive affection from me?

What do you remember most about the day we first met?

What’s the best thing about being your gender?

When you talk about me to others, what do you say?

What is your favorite feature of mine?

What scent brings back fondest memories for you?

What dish did your family make that you miss most?

How would you define love?

When did you know you were falling in love with me?

Have I ever hurt you in any way that you haven’t told me about?

If I could stop doing one bad habit, what would it be?

How can I make you feel more special?

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