Every year my husband and I go hiking in Sedona, Arizona. We love the natural red rock beauty and the great workout it offers. And every year I discover some new life lessons while hiking. Today I am sharing a few of my 2019 life lessons with you.

Life Lesson #1: Go at Your Own Pace.
There isn’t just one stride to take while hiking. You may be quick or slow. Or it may change as you go, depending on the steepness of the climb. Likewise, there is not just one way to get an education, conduct work, have a family, or achieve personal and professional success. The best part about humanity is that we are all so different. Doing things at your own pace is how it works best. Sometimes you are leading the way and sometimes you are pulling up the rear. Either is fine. You are still progressing.

Sunset from Doe Mountain

Life Lesson #2: Keep on Moving.
Generally, stillness is wonderful and taking pictures is half the fun of the hike. But I saw and felt many ants and flying insects when I stood still for a photo opp or rest. I also heard some sounds in the bushes that I was NOT happy to hear! So too in life, the more still you are, the more likely you are to become a target. So keep moving forward. You are progressing and you will eventually get closer to the goals you are working toward.

Climbing up Cathedral Rock

Life Lesson #3: Heal Thyself.
This sign, posted along a busy hiking trail, reads, “Healing in Progress. Please Stay on Trail.” This was a lovely little reminder to treat our vegetation well and be careful around it so it may repair itself naturally. As in nature, people need to recover from trauma, ailments, or disease so we can return to our bountiful beauty and fruitfulness once again. If you are feeling like life has trampled over you, I encourage you to give yourself the space, time, and love needed to recover. Allow gentle healing, loving-kindness and nurturing for yourself. You will recover at your own pace and return to your vibrant self once again given an appropriate amount of time. 

Sign along hiking path

By the way, Sedona is an incredible, magical place. Great nature, food, outdoor activities, shopping, and resorts await you. If you are inspired to hike the incredible Sedona red rocks, I hope you’ll visit their tourism site here to learn more. https://visitsedona.com/

To discover more about why being active means so much to me, you can read more about my own personal health story here: https://bewellwithjanel.com/about/

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