We are all probably spending more and more time in our homes this year. And for those of us in cooler climates, we’re probably headed into at least six more months of home-bound activities, whether Covid is the cause or not. So if you are homebound and wanting to improve your health, this article is for you.

Have you ever considered that health is about way more than what is on your plate? Yes, it all works together for your wellness. And what you eat is certainly critical to your health. Additionally, your relationships, career, level of fitness, and hobbies all contribute to your well-being. This is what we Health Coaches refer to as primary food. You can read more about my approach to wellness and primary food on my website here: https://bewellwithjanel.com/my-approach/

So this means that your home environment is very important to your health. It’s where you spend much of your time, and it should contribute to – rather than undermine – your health and happiness.

Here are a few ways to create a healthier and happier home environment:

Remove dust regularly.
Pthalates, flame retardants, and phenols, oh my! The dust in your home can harbor a load of toxic chemicals, so it’s best to dust frequently. However since dry dusting can kick up the dust particles into the air you breathe, it’s best to use a wet mop on uncarpeted floor and microfiber or moist towels on furniture. This will help to absorb and remove the dust with minimal agitation.

Be mindful of what you buy.
Aim to prevent the accumulation of toxins in your home by paying attention to what you buy in the first place. Plastics – such as for food containers, children’s toys, and vinyl shower curtains – are linked to health effects related to hormone disruption, behavioral changes, and even cancer. Other materials such as carpets, paint, and furniture can release harmful gases, and synthetic materials in clothes can rub off and be absorbed into your skin. The point, of course, is not to avoid all purchases or become consumed by paranoia, but to make more conscious choices. Choose natural or organic fibers when you can, use glass or ceramic food containers, find BPA-free and non-PVC plastic, and make your own cleaning products if possible.

Don’t worry about trying to do this overnight! Over the past several years, I have gradually replaced most of the toxic cleaning, fragrance, clothing, cosmetic and over-the-counter healthcare products I used to use. Many of them are now organic or naturally sourced. For instance, my essential oil products help me remain healthy naturally. And cosmetics, which I rarely even wear, are typically made without dangerous ingredients. Even using coconut oil for eye make-up remover is a simple change that you can do easily. To learn more about the essential oils I use for many of my personal care needs, click and browse here: https://www.doterra.com/US/en/site/janelhernandez

Get more plants.
Houseplants offer immense benefit to us – mind, body, and soul! They remove toxins from air and lower the amount of dust that accumulates. They also release oxygen, humidify the air, and even lower stress. They improve our moods, reduce pain and discomfort, and can apparently make us more productive and smarter by improving our attention span. Beyond that, they remind us of nature, which creates a sense of equanimity and balance, and they make our homes look welcoming, fresh, and clean.

I have an aloe vera plant that I use for its medicinal qualities also! It grows easily and fully indoors, even in the cold Chicago weather! I will cut a small section to juice it with my vegetables. Or I have also snipped a bit of the plant to put the aloe juice on a cut or scrape. This is something I learned as a child, since my mother was a fan of aloe vera as well.

Create your special wellness zones.
Many of us share a home with others, so we can’t always control what happens in our overall surroundings, but you can create your own special pockets of wellness, small spaces that simply make you feel healthy, calm, and good. For example, your bedroom can have a meditation corner with some candles, crystals, and a singing bowl. Your kitchen could have a special cupboard or drawer just for your favorite superfoods, herbs, and tea. Your living room can have a cozy cushion next to a small table with a plant on top and some essential oils that you like. The point is to create your wellness zones and go there when you a need to get grounded and balanced.

In my home, I have a small meditation cushion near shelves of crystals. And I also have a chase lounge section of our sofa which faces the outdoor oak tree and lawn. Plus my spiritual books are nearby, so I can read and reflect every morning. I look forward to that part of my day, which I find to set the stage for my entire day of peace and spiritual connection in my mind and heart.

Additional ideas to maintain a healthy home environment:

  • Get an air purifier in you live in the city.
  • Share your wellness intentions with whoever you share a space with.
  • Don’t wear outdoor shoes inside.
  • Clean up diligently after pets.
  • Clear out old clutter, clothes, and “piles” of things that you’ve had for years.
  • Open windows regularly to let in fresh air (even in winter).

You may also be interested in reading this online article about a well home makeover. https://www.cosmopolitan.com/uk/interiors/a20738574/home-wellness-makeover/

I hope this inspires you to consider ways you can keep a clean, clutter-free and healthy home!

Wishing you wellness!

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