I often inform people of the “cleanest” way to eat in order to combat the typical autoimmune issues that plague our society. Well, ingesting food isn’t the only way toxins get into our bodies. Your skin is the largest organ of your body. It will absorb the toxins from whatever you put on it. Whether it’s lotion, toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, perfume, cosmetics, or even air fresheners and pesticides used around the home, the toxins used in manufacturing these items are absorbed into your skin, your lungs and every cell in your body each day. Give your body half a chance to get chemical-free and start living a healthier life by making some basic changes starting TODAY!

The list of products to change out in your home can be daunting. But here are my top five suggestions for starting to live toxin-free:

Toss those artificial candles and air fresheners! Most are toxic and don’t remove odors anyway. They simply mask them for a short time. Wall plug-ins, spray cans, and candles are often made of a blend of artificial ingredients that are toxic for you. In fact, many other countries ban these chemicals from use! Instead, try reducing odors by diffusing essential oils into the air. In particular, Doterra brand essential oils are highly effective, therapeutic grade oils that are clean and safe to use aromatically, topically, and even internally for some of them. No toxins, no fillers, just pure essential oils from plants!

Speaking of air, get an air purifier! These filters should be changed often, too! Check it frequently to determine how dirty it is and gauge how often it needs to be changed. If you are having construction done on your home, there’s a likelihood that you’ll need to change it more frequently.

Ditch the plastics in your home, especially in the kitchen. It’s wise to use glassware for leftovers, instead of plasticware. Plastic leaches, meaning it gets into our food and water and breaks down over time. Don’t microwave in plastic either. The glassware can go right from cooked food, to refrigerator, to the oven in most cases.

Check your cosmetics and toiletries! Personal care items are some of the most toxic things and they very directly absorb into your body! Seek out pure soap, fluoride-free toothpaste, aluminum-free deodorant, paraben and sulfate-free shampoos and hair color. I recall going to the salon years ago to get my hair colored. When the chemicals were applied to my scalp, it itched a lot and this really bothered me. Not surprisingly, the colorist downplayed my reaction. But once I moved to using toxin-free hair color, I had no itching problem! You can find paraben and sulfate free hair color kits at your natural health food store. Another option I have found valuable is Madison Reed. They make a chemical-free, reasonably priced, easy-to-buy online, home-delivered kit for hair coloring, which is a great option.

Get rid of pesticides and use natural alternatives! Nobody wants bugs and pests around, but use of pesticides may cause cancer in humans and pets. There are natural ways to prevent them though! Believe it or not, there are natural repellents from essential oils that are good at repelling bugs. Peppermint, geranium, cinnamon are a few oils that are used in these alternative pesticides. These pure and potent oils can be put into a glass spray bottle and filled with water to make a good bug spray. Spray weekly around the home, in floor corners, along windows and doors, etc. Cayenne pepper powder may also work when used around the perimeter of your home to deter pests.

Don’t get overwhelmed about making serious changes overnight. You can make one change a week or a month. And before next Spring, you’ll have made great strides in becoming more and more toxin-free. And your overall health will improve! Even if you don’t feel it directly, you’ll know that every cell in your body is happier and healthier when it’s given clean, plant-based, organic ingredients found in nature.

To your wellness!

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