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Corporate Wellness Programs

Work and Wellness are inter-related. 


Your employees are the life blood of your organization. When they are happy, well and fit, so is your business! They can only contribute to your company's bright future, when they have one of their own. An investment into your employees' well-being is an investment into the success of your business.

Studies show that healthy employees take fewer days off, are present at work, have higher energy, are happier and more positive. Retaining the best employees and recruiting top talent in the industry are easier when you offer a competitive wellness program. Employees desire an employer who invests in their well-being.

Here are just a few of the many topics your company may wish to bring to employees:

  • Nutrition

  • Fitness

  • Weight Loss

  • Stress Management

  • Controlling Cravings

  • Brain Health

  • Digestive Health

  • Chronic Pain

  • Mindfulness and Meditation

Here are some of the many methods we deliver your desired topics to your employees:

  • Executive Coaching

  • Wellness Workshops

  • One on one Health Coaching

  • Group Coaching

  • Special Guest Speakers

  • Panel Forums

  • E-Newsletters

  • Retreats

Pump Up Your Employees with Power Breakfasts

Ensure your entire office are off to a vibrant start with a light morning snack and educational, interactive power breakfast workshop. Get educated on the latest insightful and inspiring information about brain health, chronic disease management, curbing cravings, boosting energy, getting in shape, and more!

Support a SUSTAINABLE Weight Loss Program

Weight loss is one of the core issues on the minds of most employees. Just ask around! Let us conduct an effective, measurable, sustainable 16, 24 or 48 week weight loss program for your group. Be a part of the health solution for your employees. They'll shed pounds and inches, lower cholesterol and blood pressure and boost their energy level!

Welcome an On-site Fitness Expert

Get inspired by one of our expert fitness pros! Whether it's yoga, physical training, tai chi or another form of fitness, we can bring an expert on site to teach your group something new and useful. Don't miss a chance to gain more opportunities to bring a new form of fitness to your workplace! Your employees will thank you for it!

Connect with me TODAY to discuss how we can co-create a program specifically designed to achieve your company's wellness objectives.

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