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Are YOU making YOURSELF sick?

If you think you're a worry wart, chances are you are right. And if so, YOU may be making YOURSELF sick!

Worry seems like something natural, something you're born with, something genetic in our families. And we just live with it because it's "who we are" and "what we do" so we assume we can't change it. Well, the fact is, that is just not true!

Studies have shown how worrying is a habit. What?! Yes, a bad habit of course. And we are in control of this habit of worrying. The truth of it is anything we learn, we an unlearn. So just like you unconsciously picked up the poor habit of worrying before you knew you did, you can condition yourself not to worry. It's not easy. Nothing so valuable ever is. But it is possible! And here are a few of the tips I've learned along the way to help me keep serenity at the center of my life.

My best strategies for keeping worrying at bad start in my head. I have to intentionally play a "tape" of good things, and positive thoughts so I can turn the bad talk about myself into loving language instead. Do you have a motivational speaker you admire? Is there a pastor or inspirational author that has written something powerful that speaks to you? Do you know a TV star who is admirable in this area? Oprah is a good choice, I believe. Or the late, great Maya Angelou who has said wonderful tidbits to help shape our lives. Other inspirational people I focus on include Joel Osteen, John Maxwell, Eckhart Tolle or Gary Zukav. Use books, tapes, audio, podcasts, or even your memory! Just fill your head with their words, their voices, their inspiration! And the more you listen to them the more you'll hear it running a track in your mind, and the easier it'll be to bring to the forefront when you need it most. 

Musical audio tapes are another great way to calm and sooth a worrisome mind. Keep your favorites in your car, at work, on DVDs, CDs, flash drives, iphones, tablets. Keep that station with the catchy Christian tunes on a pre-set in your car for when the mood hits and you know you need it.

Another course of action I take is diffusing a wonderful blend of Spruce, Rosewood, Blue Tassy and Frankincense essential oils. This is a very calming blend for me. Or sometimes it's as simple as White Fir tree scent. These are the scents of the aromatic earth. In addition to having this diffusing near me, I put a few drops on bottoms of my feet, heart, wrists or neck. The scent works i a very real way to bring me to a place of peace. And before you start thinking this is all "woo woo" stuff, you should know there are scientific systems at work when inhaling scents. Click here to learn more bout that.

And this may sound silly, but I just ready how petting your beloved pet can lower your blood pressure. And in particular, hearing the purrs of a cat may have physiological benefits. I have a sweet black cat names Max, and his unconditional love makes me happy, while his purring helps me sleep.

Another important action I take to help relieve stress or anxiety is reciting the words of the Serenity Prayer. "God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference." Not only saying it, but really focusing on the words. They are so simple and so wise.

Essentially, I believe that incorporating strategies into out lives that will help us to manage our stress levels, calm our anxiety and bring in positive thoughts to our minds will all work to lead us to a saner life.


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